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Extracurricular Programs

Instrumental Music Program
Students in gr. 4-5 are invited to participate in our instrumental music program led by our talented teacher Mr. Greg Boyadjian. Students learn how to play an instrument and perform in two school concerts.  Some of the instruments include violin, guitar, trumpet, clarinet, and flute.

Students in gr. 3-5 are invited to participate in our after school  chorus program on Mondays.  Our chorus is under the dynamic leadership and accomplished musician Mr. Greg Boyadjian.

Kiwanis Kids or K-Kids is a service club that provides students leadership experience.  Under the guidance of Mrs. Chris, and Meg Patrick from the Glendale Kiwanis Club, our K-Kids, help our school in many ways by helping in our Kindergarten classes, planning and promoting school-wide special events, and reinforcing school rules.

Ballet Folklorico
K-5 students are invited to join our Ballet Folklorico to learn to perform traditional Mexican dances.  Our multicultural group performs in traditional Mexican costume.  Students build self-esteem, motivation, team work, artistic expression, and cultural awareness.  The group is led by Mrs. Chris, with the assistance of her daughter Chrissy, Angela Fell, and America Torres.  Our troupe has been invited to perform in various special events in Glendale, and even competed and won a trophy at a Showstopper dance competition in Disneyland.

Students in gr. K-5 are eager to join our cheerleading squad.  We have both cheerleaders and yell leaders.  Under the direction of Mrs. Chris and America Torres, our girls meet weekly and practice various cheer routines.  They develop team work, discipline, self-esteem, and school pride.  They perform at various school events including our Awards Assemblies, Open House, and at our after school sports events.  They help strengthen school spirit. 

Math Club
Students with a strong demonstrated ability in math, including our GATE students, are invited to join our Math Club, led by our talented 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Beshlian.  They learn math strategies and concepts, which they apply to rigorous mathematical problem solving and reasoning.  They participate in a district-wide Math Field Day contest to compete in various math challenges in specific math domains.

Student Council
This is our student leadership group led by Mrs. Chris.  Students are elected to represent their class at Student Council meetings.  Officers are elected from the classroom representatives.  Student Council members help plan and disseminate information to their classes about school events and activities.  Officers help make our daily morning announcements.  Our Student Council members provide service to our school and learn important leadership skills.  

Intervention Programs
We carefully monitor the progress of all our students.  Based on assessment data, teacher input, and Intensive Intervention Learning Plans (IILPs), students are invited to participate in programs that provide additional instruction and targeted help in the area of reading and math.  We offer an after school Kindergarten program that develops beginning reading and math skills.  We offer a one-on-one tutorial for first graders who are working below grade level to develop reading fluency.  We also offer an after school reading and math support program for gr. 2-5, in which students receive additional computer assisted practice at their instructional level.  We also have a Homework Club that meets twice a week.  Students get homework assistance from tutors from Glendale High School’s Global Mindset Club.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Tam.

After School Sports Programs
In collaboration with the Glendale Parks and Recreation Department, we are participating in an after school sports program for grades 4-5.   This program allows selected students to participate in an organized sports program with practice three times a week and a game once a week with another GUSD elementary school.  Students, who are selected to participate, must continue to show strong effort in their school work and progress meeting academic goals.  This year, we participated in flag football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Early Extended Education Learning Programs (EEELP)
EEELP is a district program that provides high quality preschool, before and after-school care. The program provides academic enrichment, snack and physical activities to the children

After-School Education and Safety (ASES) Programs
The  ASES program is a partnership with the city and county to improve student performance in school and to provide a safe environment after school for students in grades 1-8. The ASES program is a non-profit program that operates on school days from school dismissal until 6:00 p.m. The program consists of two elements: 1) An educational and literacy component in content areas and time for homework, and 2) An educational enrichment component (visual and performing arts, recreation, physical fitness, science and technology, visual and performing arts.